Fifa 20

Fifa is a football video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA), the game is like football but in video game, you have different game modes:

· Ultimate team: Consists of creating your own team and try to be the best team, this game mode is one of the most played inside the Fifa community as it is very competitive.

· Volta-Football : It consists of “street” football matches with real teams (Barça, Madrid …), you can choose 3vs3, 4vs4 and 5vs5 and you can also choose if there are rules of football or not.

· Career mode: In this mode you can choose whether to be a player or a coach, in the player you start with a small team, as you play games you grow and improve, and you will also be joined by better teams and in coach mode you put yourself in the skin of any team, that is, you have to make the signings, train them …

· Classic Mode: Classic mode is simply a match of 11vs11.

· Pro Clubs: You play a classic 11vs11 game but with the difference that each player is controlled by a different person.