Paladins is a free first-person shooter video game. which was released on November 17, 2015 but the beta was released on September 16, 2016.

In the game there are different types of characters who are called champions and each of them has a different role within the game.

Now let’s explain each role, its role and the characters:

First Line: This role is primarily responsible for protecting the allies from enemy fire, they have a large amount of health and abilities that provide shields, but have little mobility. The champions are:

· Ruckus

· Fernando

· Barik

· Makoa

· Inara

· Torvald

· Ash

· Terminus

· Raum

· Atlas

· Khan

Flank: These players have the function of going with the key characters of the enemy team, especially for the support or damage. These players, unlike those of the front line, have a lot of mobility and a lot of damage, but little amount of health. The champions are:

· Androxus

· Buck

· Evie

· Koga

· Lex

· Maeve

· Moji

· Skye

· Talus

· Zhin

· Damage: This is the role where there are more champions, their function is usually behind the front line players, as they can shoot from a long distance. There are quite a variety of characters. There are snipers who shoot at long range and do a lot of damage, but little cadence. There are also early infantry players who do a lot of damage, but have little reach for their weapons. These champions are characterized by having great damage damage, so each champion has damage in the area. The champions are:

· Bomb King

· Cassie

· Dredge

· Drogoz

· Imani

· Kinessa

· Lian

· Sha-Lin

· Strix

· Tiberius

· Tyra

· VIktor

· Vivian

· Willo

Support: These champions are characterized by healing abilities, their primary function being to heal allies so that the enemy team has a harder time killing them. The champions are:

· Fury

· Grover

· Grohk

· Io

· Jenos

· Mal’Damba

· Pip

· Seris

· Ying