Pro Evolution Soccer is a football video game saga produced by the Japanese company Konami.

In its first editions, Pro Evolution Soccer was a very powerful simulator and slightly superior in quality and gameplay with respect to its more direct competitors, in spite of its superiority the game did not obtain superiority over the competition due to its lack of licenses, at the beginning the vast majority of known players were adopted by names other than real ones. As the game gained league licenses and players gained popularity, the graphics engine developed faster than the competition.

Pro Evolution Soccer is a game that can play a maximum of 8 players and, in the most recent editions, you can choose from a wide range of teams from different leagues and nations on 5 continents.

Game Modes:

-Master League: It is based on taking a team made up of low quality players from the 2nd division, and through negotiations with other teams, to create a team of their own and to win victories that will lead them to the conquest of the WEFA Championship ( Winning Elevin Football Association), which would be the replica of the European Cup.

-MyClub: Consisting that you create your own team and try to be the best of the teams, this game mode is one of the most played in the entire Fifa community as it is very competitive.